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Welcome to Raitou City, a highly advanced artificial island dedicated to various research, only made public within the last two decades or so. With its state-of-the-art technology and resources, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this city is the very foundation of the road to the future.

..... That's how it looks from the outside, anyway. The reality isn't so perfect. Half a year ago, the rise of Apathy Syndrome was at an all-time high. Shortly after the sudden and unexplained end to that phenomena, a series of unexplainable murders and kidnappings occurred in the Inaba District, with just as little resolution as the prior incident. And now, rumours of a mysterious place known only as the 'Underside' are springing up all over the island. Are all these events truly unrelated, or is there something dark and dangerous lurking within the shadows of the self-proclaimed city of the future?

What secrets does the city of Raitou hide? What disaster will befall the city next? And what exactly is a Persona, and how are they related to these incidents? The questions keep piling on with no answers in sight. Will you seek out the truth yourself, or is your journey over before it even began? The choice is yours. Reach into the sea of they soul and call forth what is within! And remember:

"I chooseth this fate of my own free will."

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