perfect daydream (meloncheck) wrote in cannot_unsees,
perfect daydream

AMS Drinking Game.

More celebration for the end of the main plot, I guess! Just contribute as you think of things. Considering us, I would not recommend you actually play this game with alcohol. All My SEES: I Hate the Shit out of my Liver.
Tags: meme
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okay. breaking the ice here. better suggestions later:

take a sip every time:
- someone gets clamped
- Saburo insults someone
Take a sip if:
- A villain boss tortures someone.
- A villain boss has aspirations of godhood.

Take a drink if:
- Torture victim turns out to be masochistic anyway.
take a sip every time:
- a character is secretly messed up

o wait that'd be chugging the bottle

- Rikki's characters turn out to be stepford outward, craxzy inward.
- Tiv's are bad parent decision dinosaurs?!
- Every time someone fucks up a relationship: 1 shot

- Every time someone loses an eye: 2 shots

- Rikki makes a character with absolutely no problems: DOWN THE WHOLE FUCKING BOTTLE YOU LIAR.
Take a sip if:
- Science is evil.

Take a drink if:
- Science is evil and ending the world. (And then all boss fights become alcoholic.)
take a shot every time one of my characters is a kuudere- oh wait there goes the bottle.

down the bottle every time I make one that isn't a kuudere.
Take a sip:
- Every time mine and Vic's characters have UST.
- Take another sip if we resolve it in hoO (I don't want you to die.)

DOWN THE BOTTLE every time we resolve it in canon.
- Take a shot every time Yuki or Michi apologizes.
- Another if it's for something that isn't their fault.
- Take a sip every time Viktor hits on someone.
- Take a shot if Chieko gets rejected.
- Take a shot whenever someone is cheated on.
- Take another if it's actually a totally unrequited love to begin with, and not actually cheating.
Down the whole bottle whenever Viktor ISN'T trolling someone.
Take a sip every time:
-Miyoko tsuns and flails
- Maiko is sewing a rabbit plushie
- every time Kazuya snarks. oh wait that's every time he opens his mouth.
- every time Kiyoshi is napping somewhere random
- every time Haruhi yells and tsuns
- Throw up on the carpet whenever supernatural plot shenanigans cause someone to become violent.