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TYL Planning Meme

Man I am like the only person who posts these.

Anyway. We're overdue for one of these too. Tag in with your general idea of what your characters will be doing in ten years, and other people will tag you and we'll work out relationships that way, yes?
Tags: meme
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July 14 2011, 05:05:41 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  July 14 2011, 05:07:04 UTC

Yue; Is the Prime Minister! She is generally kind of gar in that "I am a lady but I will also end you spectacularly if you fuck with me and smile while doing it" way.

She is also smokin and tends to mother everyone in a 15-foot radius. Her jesusing charisma is now to scary scary levels.

Riku; Working as a persona researcher with Miyoko. She's kinda trolly and her mask is mostly dropped, although she still moemoes about sometimes for lulz. Mostly to annoy Miyoko. As one does.

Sei; RICHER THAN GOD AND JKROWLING. His albums are internationally known and he's kind of insanely popular forever and ever. Mellow trolly ^_^, although he's much less bitter hate everything.

Haruhi; Head of the Mibu family, semi-permanently :| after Kiyoshi's death.

Fubuki; Commander in SDF section zero, special division for dealing with supernatural phenemenon. Fake eye scanner thing. Troll reverse trap.

Michele; Author, took over Chrisantemo Gocce's bakery/cafe part. Mellowed out some, and had to get glasses.

Rikyu; special assassin/spy/troubleshooter who can pretty much ignore international boundaries because fuck you, he's a dragon. Moe moe puppy still, although he's gotten a little bit more of a deadpan snarker. I blame Hibiki.

Annnd I don't know much about Kazehaya, Saori, or either two summoners!
Kids! I have a bunch of kids I need someone to play.

Yue has three kids; Taiga, Tobias and Saya. Tobias is the one who needs a mun; he's a quiet kid, loves music and arts and beating the shit out of all the boyfriends and husbands who keep trying to kill his twin. Also, gay.

Haruhi has Haruka; brown hair megane deadpan troll. Think Miharu Rokujo but with 300% more :3. A sweetheart, but he fucks with people because he thinks it's funny!

Riku and Daisuke have two kids. The boy is named Raven, and the girl is Sakuya. Raven's older.

Annd...I don't know if Michele and Reika have had a kid yet.



6 years ago

My original plan for Chieko was her becoming a Prosecutor or attorney, but she could also become a mangaka I suppose? Not sure on relationship status, since she's still pretty much single in AMS. If you want to claim her, well, we can discuss that!

Seiji composes music for TV and stuff. Also not sure on relationship status.

Zhi Lin may have had a kid. God help us all.

Yui is a Literature professor at a college, and an aspiring author. She loves Shiki very much and is probably in an OT3 with Kaito.
Chieko: BE BOTH.


6 years ago


6 years ago

HURP. I'm not really sure what's going on with all of mine other than some really vague idea, but ANYWAY.

Yuudai is idek anymore. He's like a lot more lineface and kind of tired of this supernatural bullshit AND WANTS TO STAY OUT OF IT but that's hard when pretty much everyone he knows is involved in it somehow. His life. I'm not sure what his job is.

Gourou hasn't changed much other than being legitimately happy! He also probably has an actual job that doesn't suck, but idk if he'd be cleared of his charges after so long. Or. Stuff.

Sofiya is probably still contracted to Norio if he's...still around...Nooot all that much different. Still moe derpface frankenloli with a hideous accent.

Hibari has not changed a bit. AT ALL. Dumb birdie remains dumb birdie and is only slightly smarter at best.

Yusuke is...idk, probably still a bit of a hikkikomori and not all that used to people. But he can actually see you guys right!!! If you want to be working at his shrine I am cool with it.

Zahra depends on whether or not she got contracted again. If not she's probably some sort of unofficial Underside guide or something. SHE WILL LEAD YOU TO PLACES AND THE EXIT if you don't piss her off enough to set you on fire.



6 years ago

Linda; Married to Yuki, illustrates for picture books. Has mellowed out a lot, but still tsuns at Yuki and when people are being dumb in general. Irritable. Is really hot and wears glasses now. Maybe has a child, I have no idea when Ai is born so we'll get there.

Michi; Married to Yuu. Works for Shiki and sings at bars and probably has like a million other jobs because she can't sit still ever. Is a lot more confident and even a little smug (thanks Ichiro) now, but is still a big dumb dereface and kind of irritable. Is really hot. Has one or two children depending on whether or not Natsume's actually getting that brother/when.

Shiki; Dating Kaito and Yui. Deals information! Is mostly just as immature and cheerful as she's always been outwardly, but actually talking to her would probably reveal that she is kind of a huge bitch and sort of sadistic with delusions of godhood that may or may not be real. Amongst other things. But she's still mostly really nice! Is really hot, has no children. Thank God.

Ichiro is probably doing the same exact thing he does now, but with a nice office. I bet he does detective work or some shit. If he could convince her he'd be contracted to Liz but that is probably not happening.
Hey Linda.

Your cousin-in-law. Assuming you've found out all his issues that have still never come up in play. WHAT DO.


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Yuki has a job with the special forces with his handy persona. He derps around being cheerful and smiley and kneecapping terrorists, probably with whacky mistaken for trap adventures. Married to Linda with her last name, and one kid (Ai).

Clarent probably finally skips town and goes to see some of the world before her body begins to fail. Refrains from murdering people.

Saburo lives to an old age! Which is. different. Mostly he lives off Sei's money, unless he gets to ghost write for terrible soap operas. Has a kid through science (Kiseki).

Miyoko probably is head at some science lab. Wherein he is scientific. No kid, no relationship because the thought of Miyoko dating hurts my brain in a thousand ways. Less tsundere and more quiet and emotionally balanced. But still pretty goddamn tsundere.

Maiko is a fashion designer who does quirky future hipster stuff. Unknown relationship status. A lot happier and more emotionally expressive.

Rin is probably out of his cell for good behavior and helping out various governments.

Noriaki ... well he probably ends up just being exactly like he is now, since he doesn't have strong s-links to help him emotionally develop.

Beq is off being a fallen somewhere. Unless he gets contracted again, he's out of town and trolling some other supernatural location. Alternatively Nemesis kills him.

Kaneko doesn't make it to TYL. :) why? fushigi mystery. HAHA YOU DON'T HAVE AN APP TO LOOK AT YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. She just disappears.
Oh right, Kiseki and Ai come later.


6 years ago


6 years ago

Emil - OUT OF JAPAN :)! suckers. Brill uni student in England in some name-brand university probably. A university with a sudden case of students going missing. Weird.

Norio - Dead :D!!

Violet - Still around! PROBABLY DOES STUFF IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY FOR REALS maybe opened his own boutique and stuff. Mostly does women's clothing, but does some aristocrat-ish stuff for guys, too. It's decently popular brand for a newcomer. Acts the same as always, but probably with less ums and stuttering. Better at not acting depressed when he is depressed.
VIOLET come hang with me kittybro. Babysit Yue's kids.
Let's see.

Paru is a big-time actress! Happy and fun and relationship status unknown.

Arisu is bumming around. She is possibly working for the whole supernatural forces police people as a captain/training officer. A scary one.

Neneko is a model. Who is trying to be a musician instead but people keep topping her back into modeling because she is built like a stick.

Shino is still training to run the Sakakibara zaibatsu. No PB so either she has not aged a day or she is just too busy to show up.

Haley is off on Interpol business.

Tsubaki is a fox. Possibly still trying to give the takagawas money.
Oh, and no kids for any of them.


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago


July 14 2011, 05:25:01 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  July 14 2011, 05:27:38 UTC


Kazuya is probably a famous painter or something, also has become a Japanese citizen. Still a :| troll, but probably a little less of a dick. Maybe. still with Haruhi, still trolling him like crazy, because tsun yelling is better than the constant :|.

Sachiko I have no real idea, except I think she was in the olympics maybe as a swimmer and maybe got a gold medal or something, I have no idea. Probably works now for some kind of aquatic conservation group. Still pretty chill and nice.

Akemi is an Adjudicator, and probably really good at the job. Still pretty :| and antisocial but a lot happier and well-adjusted than sie was as a teenager. Still information gathering, too.

Keisuke's probably in academia, doing something with literature. I don't think he's much of a teacher, though, his personality doesn't make for it though I think he's calmed down a bit and swears less. Still with Kazehaya.

Aoide is still contracted to Miki, probably, if she's still alive. If she's not then he's...I don't know. Maybe found a way to kill himself. :( I don't know.

Reika is married to Michele and an author and translator. I don't think they have any children quite yet. "Yet" being the operative part.

Amaterasu is still the sun. and still contracted to Yasuhiro.

Yukiko and Kiyoshi are both dead for the better part of a decade because I can't help and remind people that I am a doombitch.

Amaterasu and Yasuhiro might be a distributor for Michele and Reika's books? Idk. Local shop, get discounts!

if Akemi's being infowhore, sie's gonna run into Haruhi's jurisdiction sooner or later.


6 years ago


6 years ago

Yuu is a mechanic! Married to Michi, has two kids. Has evolved from a tsundere to a smiley dick with a sadist streak a mile wide. I WONDER WHO HE GOT THAT FROM

Hibiki is a part of Makoto's Albino Harem. Probably writing for more magazines now, just. Never showing cat ears ever. Has a son with Makoto!

Kaito works for the government, under Yue. (kya kya)

Makoto ends up married to Rikyu somehow! Fushigi mystery. She opens her own little auto-repair shop, probably maybe gets another dog after Hachi dies if her kids beg her, and is just in general the Best Housewife Ever. Has three kids; two with Rikyu and one with Hibiki(the eldest) because of A Thing That Happened.

Shiba still lives with Rosalie! And probably helps out in her flower shop(and bakes cookies when nobody's looking because fuck you i don't know how to bake!!) Probably also regularly hangs around with Haru and flops out at Saburo's house whenever the fuck he wants because Sei doesn't own that house Saburo does. Still overprotective but a lot more relaxed. No relationship(except puppycrushes on Rosalie and Saburo and maybe Ryoji if he's around by then). Probably does some odd jobs in addition to Tsukushima family stuff.

Kaito is dating Shiki and kind of Yui and having happy fun times with his asura group! Co-owner with his father of BIG SPECIAL COMPANY, kind of a bodyguard for shiki's Illegal Operations, regularly eats anybody who threatens her(okay not so regularly). Also side-works with the JSDF with Fubuki for supernatural recruit training. He is the most terrifying sparklebird and obviously the best man for the job. Not married and no kids. By this time he's off his meds, and his schizo episodes are very, very few and far between.

Mio, assuming Retsu does end up surviving, is probably still in his employ, and probably does some minor singing gigs every so often. She's pretty good! They may or may not get married and have a kid, it depends. Still goddamn hot. Probably still a little awkward around Paru and just lets her do whatever the balls she wants to her.

Norie goes on a magical adventure with Saori and probably ITTO. Grows a spine with Itto a little(shave, you hobo!!) and also probably still hits him up for sex maybe if he'll let her. Still terrified of Saori, probably used to her molestings now but still uncomfortable with it.

i'll do the rest later i can't form thoughts right now