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Applications/we_sees_you is now closed!

What this means: You don’t need to make an application to bring in a character as long as you are an existing member of the game.

Just like you have been playing new Asura characters now without applications, just like the Britain AU, you can now bring in any character you would like as long as you follow these rules:

- Your character fits into the verse. Asura, Summoners, Persona users, civilians and demons are all fine-- Aliens, shinigami and wizards will get you shot.

- Your character still obeys all the application rules: No expies, no sues, low starting level and basic skills (unless moderator approved). Only one character in your entire line-up may have a special/innate skill.

- Don’t take more characters than you can play.

This is a small breather before the final boss!

Take this mingle post and the next couple of days to recover from the lock down, post and play. When the game is ready, the final boss goes up. On the completion of the final plot, we’ll have a party post before transforming completely into a musebox game.

The only notable changes to the game environment when AMS becomes a pure musebox are the removal of the application process and all related lists, and a change to the plots of the game. The plot arcs will no longer be mod dictated, but entirely player dictated- You may make your own villains and your own hero factions, just as you have already been doing. If you want to bring in event plots, like the fear shadow plot, or the joker plot, you can do that too as long as you discuss it with the rest of the game! Mark, Hino and Rikki aren’t going anywhere and will still run events, in conjunction with the rest of the game.
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